Monday, February 7, 2011

Antarctica - A Really Cool Place (pun intended)

February's posts will be unofficially filed under "Things That Trina Finds Interesting". It's my birthday this month, so humor me...

First up, Antarctica!

A few months back I stumbled upon the really fascinating documentary Encounters at the End of the World.  This Werner Herzog doc profiles the lives and studies of the people at the McMurdo Station in Antarctica.  Here's the short trailer just to give you an idea.


It's a brilliant film containing insanely crazy footage of extraordinary human beings and God's unbelievably magnificent creation.   When I finished watching the film, I immediately watched it again. 

Did you know that there is a frozen sturgeon at the mathematically precise true South Pole?  Get it?  A frozen fish supporting the entire world?  Fish = Jesus. (The Greek anagram for 'Jesus Christ, God's Son, Savior' spells fish in Greek) To me this was completely symbolic of Jesus Christ supporting the whole planet. For the record, that's a connection I made, not the filmmakers.   This doc was not about God, although several of the people interviewed certainly had spiritual *thoughts* about their environment.  For me though, I tend to see God in everything.

As a warning, you may not agree with some of the conclusions drawn by the scientists.  Not a big deal really.  I loved this doc mostly for the human element...the searching and the contemplating.  Human beings are so complex and full of wonder.  I will never fully understand why most people waste their lives in pursuit of "same-ness".  

I'll close this post with another clip from the documentary.  It is a brief interview with a construction worker and it gives you an idea of the sort of person that would choose to live and work in such an inhospitable  environment.  As this gentleman explains it, he "fell in love with the world." 


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