Blog Rules and Disclaimer

This blog is meant to be encouraging and (hopefully) thought provoking. When commenting, please keep it civil and kind.  I, in turn, intend on keeping the topics civil and kind and will try to stay as far away as possible from divisive topics like politics and world events. 

Also note that when information of a spiritual nature is presented, it is from an Orthodox Christian viewpoint. If your sole intent is to disparage my beliefs or enter into a theological debate, please don't bother to comment. There are many Orthodox theological blogs that invite debate, but this is not one them. The world is already entirely too loud and this blog is not meant to add to the existing chaos.  

And lastly, I am not a trained theologian, a certified counselor or a wife of a pastor.  I'm just a regular person with a computer who stands in church and tries to pray and worship and live out her life quietly as a Christian.  If I am able, I can direct you to books or lectures that I have found to be helpful in my own life, but other than that, it is best that you seek counseling from professionals.